Customer Testimonials

Alex Notay Strategy Consultant & UK Policy Director

"Chris & Siobhan (Platinum Executive Travel) run a fantastic service and having tried all the big firms in Bristol they are the only Executive Car Service I have used for a couple of years now.
Its all the little details & their ability to make the customer feel really special. A pillow & cosy blanket in the back of the car for when I'm knackered off a night flight from Heathrow & can barely speak; tissues & sympathy when I'm wailing about leaving my [new born] baby behind or coffee & a great chat putting the world to rights at 5am.
Most importantly I know they will NEVER let me down. I've had my fair share of standing outside panicking when a car hadn't turned up & I know if they take a booking they will be (at least) 10 minutes early & will sail to my destination smoothly & in beautiful, spotlessly clean vehicles.
VERY highly recommended.